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Re-categorisation of an SEO Perf. tracking project with Keyword Master
Re-categorisation of an SEO Perf. tracking project with Keyword Master
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#1 Modules needed

To re-categorise your keyword list your will need the Keyword Master module.

If you project is already running in the SEO Performance Tracking module your might also have to use it.


#2 Start with your existing or new keyword list

2 options when you start your tracking re-categorisation:

1 - You already have an SEO Perf. Tracking running with existing categorisation that you would like to modify


2 - You want to start from scratch with a new keyword list that you would like to re-categorise and track


#3 Re-categorisation in Keyword Master

The Keyword Master module is dedicated to categorisation and keyword organisation.

You can use this module to create new categories, update or delete existing ones.

You can also delete keyword that don’t want anymore in your project to update your performance tracking later.

If you want to rebuild everything and keep only your keyword. You can delete all existing categories and start again from scratch.


#4 Import/Overwrite keyword categories in existing Tracking

To update your categories in an existing Tracking project, process with the following steps:

  • Delete all categories in your existing tracking project (only categories and not keyword)

  • Import keyword and categories from your new keyword list coming from Keyword Master

  • Delete keyword that are sitting in uncategorised folder (old keyword)

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