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The content analysis tool enables you to evaluate the content of one of your pages and check the distribution of targeted keywords across the entire text. In other words, it enables you to collect the necessary data in order to make the best decisions to optimise your page’s SEO (content and semantic markup).

How does it work?

You can analyse either a URL or a text.

You have the option to choose the language of the content to be examined (French, English, or German) and to analyse a specific part of the text or to target certain keywords in the content.

Once the URL or text is entered in the search bar and your options selected, a summary table with the distribution of keywords within the page will be displayed, as well as information scorecards to take the analysis further.

  • size

  • weighted frequency

  • gross frequency

  • number of iteration

  • customer review

  • diffusion

  • tags


A Tags' Tab is also available.

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