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Majestic SEO in a Perf. tracking
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Where and What Kind of Backlink Data is Collected?

The backlink data is collected and extracted from Majestic. The data that is collected includes:

  • Number of inbound links: number of external links pointing to your domain

  • Number of referring domains: number of domains with at least one link pointing to your domain

  • Trustrank: A page popularity indicator that is calculated from the total number of links, the number of reference domains, the number of different class C. It ranges from 0 to 100 to measure the popularity of a site.

  • CitationFlow: the confidence a person can have in the information displayed on thea page.

Why is Backlink Data Displayed Weekly?

Myposeo has a partnership with Majestic, that extracts and analyses backlink data. Due to limitations within the partnership agreement, the backlink data is loaded on a weekly basis.

Why are there Gaps in the Backlink Data?

All backlink data is collected from Majestic and takes about one week for it to be fully loaded. If there are still gaps in the data after this period, please contact our support team.

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