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Google Analytics in Performance Tracking
Google Analytics in Performance Tracking
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How to Sync your Google Analytics Account to your Myposeo Account

Provided you have a Google Analytics account. Myposeo allows you to connect your Performance Tracking projects with your Google Analytics accounts.

1/ Go to Setting

In the Performance Tracking tool

Click on the Edit Project

At the bottom of the Project Settings page on Step 4, this will appear and you can synchronise your Google Analytics account to your Myposeo project


2/ Access to configuration

Click on "Synchronise Google Analytics".


3/ Authorisation of your Gmail account


4/ Project selection - View - Property


5 / Selection of indicators

Choose the Analytics metrics whose data you want to include in your reports and save.

You can select up to 8 KPIs to collect data. In the drop down menu, you can select all the KPIs available to you.


Sessions: sessions, duration of the sessions, hits, rebound rates...

E-commerce: Transaction, revenue, one-time purchase, quantity...

Users: users, new users, sessions / users...

Objectives: objectives started, objectives achieved, objective values...

Events : Total number of events, unique events, value of the event...

The tool also offers the possibility to choose your events or objectives in a precise way.

6. The link is now active

If you wish, you can modify the configuration if necessary by clicking on "Edit Google Analytics".


When Can I See the Google Analytics Data?

When you have synchronised your Google Analytics data with your Myposeo account, the platform will automatically extract the data from the current month.

The data will begin being extracted from Google Analytics immediately but may take up to 5 minutes depending on how large the site is.

Why is my Google Analytics Data not Showing in my Myposeo Account?

Once your Google Analytics account has been synchronised, Myposeo automatically extracts the data from your account on a daily basis.

This data is then available in the "Reports" section of the platform where you can create your own custom report by linking it with the Myposeo data.

Comparing Traffic Sources

From the moment your SEO tracking project is synchronised to your Google Analytics account the platform collects all traffic sources (referrers).

For users with access to Myposeo’s Reporting module, it is possible to configure blocks to compare or size your KPI's Analytics by traffic source.

Here is how to create a table to size your sessions by traffic source:

=> Add a block

=> Choose an SEO monitoring project

=> Configure an analysis period

=> Choose the appropriate graphic format (in the example: Table)

=> Add the session KPI for example

=> Add the dimension "Source of traffic"

Here is how you can configure a superimposed bar graph to compare the total sessions and sessions from search engines easily and quickly.

It is actually a question of displaying the value of the KPI (sessions) dimensioned on 1 traffic source (SEO = search engine) and comparing it with the value of the KPI as a whole on a graph.

It is therefore important to check the checkbox to display the value of the main dimension

Feel free to contact us for any trouble you may face in advanced settings.

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