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Credit Notes

A Credit Note is the refund given following the cancellation of an invoice.

All credits are available in the "My Invoices" section of your Myposeo account > Credit notes list


To download a credit note in .pdf format, click on the Download button on the corresponding line.

Vouchers and Discount Codes

All other promo codes found on third party websites are not valid.
They will not be accepted and you will not be able to get a discount on Myposeo with those codes.

For exceptional operations, we can offer promo codes that you will receive by email.

Promo Partners

The Myposeo platform has set up partnerships with other tools and offers you advantageous offers on certain solutions. To take advantage of these offers, simply go to "Partnership".


Each partnership offers a promotion code that you can use as you wish to benefit from the discount.


The inclusion of our different partners’ tools is valid as long as your Myposeo account is active.

If your subscription expires later, you can continue to use the other tools with the discount applied.

How to Become a Myposeo Partner

If you have an online tool in the field of SEO and would like to be one of our privileged partners, contact us from the interface to share your proposal with us.

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