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Credit and keyword consumption
Credit and keyword consumption
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How the Cost of Consumption is Estimated

Information valid only for consumer agency accounts

The cost indicated per project is only an estimate, based on the online price list. It is likely that the cost per project is much lower than indicated, both in terms of credits and keywords.

How are the credits deducted

A credit represents an expression that you search on a page of a search engine. 1 expression interrogated on two pages = 2 credits used.

1 audit of 10 keywords on 2 pages = 20 credits used. Thus there are as many credits consumed as there are combinations linked to 1 expression.

Our audit tool details the number of credits that will be used at the end of an audit configuration, before it is launched.

How are the keywords deducted

A keyword refers to the term or expression that you wish to track on a search engine.

A keyword can be tracked on several search engines / devices / locations. Keywords are consumed according to the number of combinations there are.

For example:

You follow a keyword on and 2 keywords are counted
You follow a keyword on (Paris) and (Marseille): 2 keywords are counted
you follow a keyword on desktop and mobile: 2 keywords are counted

How to Track Keywords & Credits Consumption

Information valid only for consumer agency accounts

If you have an unlimited account and you want to track your consumption, simply go to "My Usage" section.


You can view the list of your usage by project, either in terms of credits or keywords (queries).


Where to See the Remaining Keywords & Credits

When you select the Users option, you get redirected to an interface that shows you your consumption.


Number of credits: Number of credits used / number of credits available on your account

Number of keywords: Number of keywords used / number of keywords available on your account

How to View Monthly Consumption

Information valid only for consumer agency accounts

The consumption of keywords and credits is estimated on a daily basis per project. You can get a monthly view of this consumption by clicking on the three small dots next to the "month" on the right side of the interface.


Are Credits Saved in Case of Non-Renewal of Plans?

When using the Audit modules, any credits that you have not used before the end of your subscription will be lost. Even if the tool is renewed at the time of a renewal, the remaining credits will not be renewed.

Credits are linked to modules and are available subject to having a valid account. If your account expires, your credits are no longer usable either.

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