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Customise your interface
Customise your interface
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In the "Account Settings" at the bottom left, you have the possibility to perform a whole range of actions to customise your interface


Customise your home page

You have the possibility to modify the default landing page of your interface.


Select from our list, the tool that will take place on the home page of the interface and Save.


Customise the language

You can change the language of the interface.

Choose the desired language, French or English, then Save.


Customise the interface logo

Upload your logo (make sure you meet the criteria) to display it on the interface and in your reports, which will no longer make any mention of Myposeo. If necessary, your logo will be resized to the dimensions indicated.


Default number of items in data tables

The default number of rows in the data tables is 50. You can save the number of items you wish to display by default (50, 100, 200 or 500) via your global tool configuration page:


When you save this setting, this choice of display will then only be taken into account for the next campaigns that will be created.

Note that: Too many elements to load in the table can significantly slow down your navigation.

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