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Unable to synchronise a tracking project ?

If an error message appears when accessing the Synchronisation modal of a tracking project, it is likely that the token, issued by Google, authorising the Myposeo application to access the API data will be revoked.

Here's how to regenerate a token and enable data synchronisation again:

First of all you must delete the current authorisation.

Please note that each application is independent. You must therefore perform this process only for the application in error (In this article, we will take the MYPOSEO ANALYTICS application as an example).

- MYPOSEO ANALYTICS: Allows synchronisation of tracking projects with your Google Analytics data

- Myposeo - Ranking Analytics: Enables Google Data Studio connector creation

- MYPOSEO Connector: Allows the creation of external connectors to be plugged into the Report tool.

- MYPOSEO GOOGLE DRIVE: Allows exports to Google Sheet

- MYPOSEO SEARCH CONSOLE: Allows synchronisation of tracking projects with your Google Search Console data

Here are the steps to follow:

1 - Access your Google account settings


2 - Security > Manage third-party access


3 - Choose the application for which you want to regenerate the token > Remove Access

(we will take the MYPOSEO ANALYTICS application as an example)


4- Back on your project, you need to set up a new synchronisation and log in with your Google account in order to authorise the application again.

Even if the email is already present in the list of accounts, you must connect with Google.


5 - Follow the steps of the modal proposed by Google up to Authorise.

Here you give access to the application to read the data accessible on the Gmail account.

6 - Back to the Myposeo Synchronisation modal: The application now loads the properties.

(This can be quite long. If you think the browser has frozen, you can close the modal and open it again, this does not prevent loading but refreshes the browser).

Choose the property to synchronise


Choose the indicators and the period


Save and thus synchronisation is restored.

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