How to export my SEO audit data
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Given the high volumes of data collected by our SEO auditing tool, we provide an enhanced exporting feature that allows you to extract specific data according to your needs.
Reminder, our SEO auditing tool collects, the keywords rankings of a single website, or for all the sites ranked on these keywords bases on your selection, at a particular point in time only.

In the case of a competitive audit, the export feature is most useful as it can extract data from sites of particulat interest to you.

Where is the Export feature?

Under the “Audits” section, click on the “Action” column, on then the “Export” icon.


How does it work?

There are two types of export features offered: “Domain audit” to export the data from the site(s) of interest to you and “Full audit” to export the data from all the sites ranked on the audited keywords.

«Domain audit» Export

Select the .csv format. Choose the type of export as “Domain Audit” to extract the rankings of selected domains only.


Only the rankings of chosen sites, are extracted: as indicated here:

“Full Audit” Export

Select the .csv format. Choose the type of export as, “Full Audit” to extract data on all ranked domains.

All rankings can then be exported.



As you can see, our SEO export feature saves you a lot of time. You no longer need to sort or filter your spreadsheet since you can select the targeted domains to extract data from, straight from the tool.
Happy extracting!

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