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How to create a Google Sheet connector to use data in Report
How to create a Google Sheet connector to use data in Report
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How do I create my Google Sheet connector?

There are several steps to follow:

  1. Publish the data source

  2. Create the connector

  3. Configuring the fields

1. Publish the data source

First of all, the data from your source, in this case the GSheet document, must be published.

Otherwise, they are not accessible and therefore impossible to exploit them in a third party tool.

How do I publish a Google Sheet document?

File > Publish to the Web

click on Publish


From there you can retrieve the url of your document directly in the browser


Then, you can retrieve the id of your document which will be asked when creating the connector, it is highlighted in blue in the image above.

2. Create the connector

From the connector tool, click on Add Connector


In the list of templates, choose the Google SpreadSheet connector


2. Set up the fields


All that remains is to configure the fields retrieved from the source.

Fields => this corresponds to the column headers in your file. These cells are therefore not editable.

Name => Here you can rename these parameters as you wish. This is what will be displayed in your report.

Type => Is it a metric, a dimension, a date?


Aggregation => Here you configure the format and aggregation. It all depends on the data.

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