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How to Create and Use Report Templates

Within the reporting tool, you can create dashboards from Myposeo's default templates or create your own custom reports.

How to Create a Template from one of my Reports?

The video below shows the process of creating a template from a multi-tab report and how to access the list of your templates.


How to Create a Report from my Templates?

Once you have access to the report creation window, you can find your templates in the "My Report Templates" tab, as shown below:


Report Creation Templates

There are several report templates to make it easier for you to create your dashboards.

You can access these reports when creating a report. The report templates come up when you click Create Report.


If the templates don’t meet your needs, you have the option to create your own report from scratch!

Report Template for an Audit project

Details of the report: Visibility Audit – Domain Focus”.

Scope and data of the audit



The estimated monthly visibility is calculated based on a site’s ranking on analysed search queries and their search volume. This allows the site to be compared to its competitors and to assess its share of visibility on the market. The maximum potential visibility can also be obtained using this formula and reveals the additional traffic that your site can gain on its sector.

Detail of the ranking of the selected domain



The distribution of the rankings per page, according to proportions allows you to identify the site’s current performance including the potential for keywords to work. SERP data (Google’s results page) shows you types of enriched results present on keywords to adapt your content strategy.

Global competition – top sites detected



Competition can be measured by the presence rate of sites on keywords audited, but above all by the visibility captured (estimated traffic) on a monthly basis. The above ranking shows the top 10 competitors detected in the audit. You can customise it with the sites of your choice.

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