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Edit & Add (keyword, keyword group, competitor)
Edit & Add (keyword, keyword group, competitor)
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Add Keywords to an Existing Campaign

You can add new keywords to your existing projects at any time.
Once in your project

> click <Add a keyword>.


Suggesting keywords from the Search Console

Users with a Myposeo Pro or Agencies offer can synchronize their SEO tracking projects with the Google Search Console.

In this way, we can identify keywords from this source that are not yet tracked and suggest them to you as a suggestion to add to your project.


This list filters the keywords that are already added to your project. This way you can select only those that you consider relevant.

It is possible to sort by Clicks or Impressions.

Once you have entered your keywords> click <Add Keywords>.

Your keywords now appear in the selected keyword groups.

How to Add, Edit or Delete a Competitor

Add a Competitor

You can add a competitor by clicking on Add and then Competitor, and the following appears.


Delete a Competitor

You can delete a competitor from the "project settings" > "Edit project". Go to "Advanced settings" and "competitors settings". Click on the "set up competitors sites", click on the "action button" for the domain you want to delete and select "delete" in the dropdown list. Confirm ok... it's done.

You can also select the Settings clog and click Edit Project and add a competitor directly from there.


Important: Adding a competitor doubles the number of keywords tracked on the project.

For example:

  • If you track 100 keywords on a project and you want to add a competitor to track the progress of your ranking.

Number of keywords counted = 100 * 2 = 200

  • If you track 100 keywords on a project and you add 2 competitors

Number of keywords counted = 100 * 3 = 300

Display a competitor

To display the positions of a competitor, simply select it in the upper menu of the tool and click on OK:


How do I Edit my Keyword Groups?

How to create a keyword group?

The "Add a group" button is accessible from the position view


How do I manage my keyword groups?

Access to the group management popup is via the "Groups" button.

Edit my keyword groups :


Once you have clicked on "Groups", go to the group management wheel.


How to Segment Keywords

The Performance Tracking tool gives you the option to segregate your keywords into groups.

Once all the keywords have been added to your project, you can segment them into groups. You need to click Add and then select Keyword Group. You can then add a keyword Group and move all keywords of your choice into it.


Select the keywords you wish to add into the group, and at the bottom of the page select Select and Action and then Move to Group and select the Destination Group you’d like to move them into from the drop down list.


How to Edit a Keyword

You can edit your keywords in the project for the following reasons:

  • To correct an expression

  • Edit the device the keyword is being tracked on

  • Edit the search engine being tracked

  • Add a location to be tracked

You can edit each keyword in this way:

From your table that lists your project keywords > Action column > Edit


From this popin, you can edit each of the parameters

NOTE: by checking the box "Keep the history of the rabking of this keyword" you keep the history of the positions

By default, the modification of a keyword (expression or engine configuration) indicates to the tool that it is a new keyword.

This option allows you to keep the history of the positions of the old keyword


It is also possible to perform multiple editing. Only for the engine configuration in this case.

Select the keywords to be modified and use the action popin on a selection


Can I Update My Keyword Rankings?

Yes you can! You can do this by refreshing the page. The data will reload and new positions will show.


NB: A security system is in place on our tool and limits the manual refresh of positions each day. This automatic security has been put in place to avoid overloading the servers.

Thus, you can add / remove up to 150% of the total number of keywords each day. For an account of 100 keywords, you can refresh up to 150 keywords, knowing that they are automatically calculated every day.

How to Duplicate Keywords?

You can easily and quickly duplicate your keywords and expressions by editing or adding a new search engine to scan.

For example:

If you track a list of keywords only on desktop and you want to track them on mobile as well and/or on a particular location all you need to is select the list of keywords you wish to duplicate.

To do this, you have to tick the associated box.


An action menu will appear at the bottom of the interface. You will then have to choose the action "Duplicate keywords".


How to Create Project Groups?

You can create project groups when you want to differentiate your campaigns according to different settings.


Simply enter the name of the Keyword Group you wish to create and Add your Keywords in.

Copy Keywords to the Clipboard

To save time, you can copy a list of keywords (filtered or unfiltered) to the clipboard. The new tab is just above your position table.

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