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'Overview' Tab

Can I Hide Blocks in the Overview?

You can’t hide blocks in the overview.

An alternative? You can always recreate an overview to showcase the most important data in the Reports section of the tool and then update it.

Data from your SEO visibility audit


Trends and audited keyword search volumes


The analysis of the history of the search volumes of your keywords allows you to identify trends or movements in your industry. Spikes or dips can help you seize opportunities to produce relevant content.You can view details in the trend view of the keywords audited.

Search engine results page analysis (SERP)


The analysis of the types of results present in the pages of the search engine allows you to detect opportunities for the creation of your content. This analysis also makes it possible to identify the share of paid results compared to organic results.

Overview of the 10 best ranked sites


The top 10 of the best sites is displayed according to the estimated traffic generated on the keywords of your audit. You can discover the complete list of pranked sites in the "Ranked domains" tab as well as a further analysis according to the different indicators proposed.

Ranked Domains Tab

Overview View

We will guide you in understanding the data in this overview.

State of the competition - Top sites detected


Competition can be measured by the presence rate of sites on the keywords audited, but especially by the visibility; captured (estimated traffic) on a monthly basis.

The above ranking presents the top 10 competitors detected during the audit. You can customise it with the sites of your choice.

Visibility by position


Analysing the presence of competition based on the distribution of positions.

The above rankings present this distribution by page of results and by position range on the 1st page.

Visibility in SERPs & Rich Snippets


Competitors are here classified according to their presence in Featured Snippet but the segmentation is done for all types of blocks. So you can identify the players according to their representation in terms of Universal Search.

The default sorting can be modified. This can change the top 10 actors.


Compare the visibility of competitors in terms of rich content and identify opportunities on types of content to work on.

In fact, Rich Snippets blocks often occupy more space in the SERP which improves the visibility of the results.

Overall Visibility View

How are Competitor Domains Categorised?

The domains extracted by the SEO Visibility Audit tool are categorised by Presence Rate.

The Attendance Rate is the number of keywords on which the site is ranked on in relation to the total number of keywords audited.

How to Access Competitors’ Domain Positions?

You can access the positions and rankings of other competitor domains collected by the platform. Click on the domain whose information you want to see. Then enter the domain’s details and you’ll be able to access all of its rankings, pages and much more!

'Keyword Groups' Tab

Why is the “Keyword Group” tab Empty?

The Keyword Groups are used to categorise Keywords to showcase their statistics to accurately compare a site’s performance and growth on each keyword group, over time.

Statistics on each of the Keyword Groups are calculated automatically at 24 hours intervals.

If you have created a new project or new keywords, you can expect the table to be empty for 24 hours until the data is loaded. After the 24 hour period, the Keyword Group data will be complete.

Overview View

This overview provides you with an overview of the thematic keyword groups.

Keyword statistics by groups


Volume of keyword groups


Opportunities for organic ranking


Thematic Trends View

Within the Keyword Groups tab, we have a new Thematic Trends view. This view will allow you to view the volume trends of the last 12 months dimensioned by thematic groups.


'Keywords' Tab

Keyword Suggested View

The Keyword Suggested view provides 8 suggestions for each audited keyword that is extracted from the “Associated Searches” section on Google’s results page.

For example, on the keyword expression ‘SEO Agency’, Google offers associated searches at the bottom of the page as shown below:


These suggestions are extracted by the SEO Visibility Audit tool and are suggested.

The Position column shows the position/ ranking for each keyword. It represents the keyword’s position in associated searches.


Note that the Keywords Suggested section only recommends keywords with their search volume and traffic extracted from Google’s results page. It doesn’t guarantee that your domain will be ranked on the keyword.

Keyword Trends View

In the "Keywords" tab. You will be able to view and export, for each audited keyword, the volumes of the last 12 months available from Google's keywords planner.


'Top Pages' Tab

This tab provides you with a ranking by estimated traffic of the pages analysed in the audit.
This allows you to see at a glance the most "performing" and "visible" URLs that come up on the audited keywords.


'PAA' Tab

It may be interesting to explore the questions asked by Internet users in relation to a query:

  • How to make a hard-boiled egg?

  • How much dough per person?

  • What’s the engine brake?

  • How do you win the World Cup like 20 years ago?

How to retrieve all PAA results questions from queries?

Here is the procedure:

Launch a competitive SEO Audit including the consideration of the PAA, here is the configuration of the audit:


Once the audit is finalised, you will be able to directly view ALL the questions proposed by Google in the SERPs via the keywords view> PAA

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