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Why is there a Difference in my Rankings on J+Search and on the Results Page?
Why is there a Difference in my Rankings on J+Search and on the Results Page?
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Concerning the differences in ranking, it is important to understand the way search engines work, but also Myposeo.

When you launch a search, many parameters are taken into account by Google:
- Geolocation of your search
- History of your browser (have you already been on the site or not)
- Additional customisations linked to your profile (age range, gender, etc.)

In the absence of geolocation on your keywords, the tool uses a "France" location and not a location-specific to your city.
This is why some positions may vary.

Note: A position can change every day, so it can also change every hour.
The position collected for your project may have changed during your manual check.

To check your position you can click on the search engine icon in the "engine" column: this opens the query in question.


If you see very large discrepancies, many times it may be due to:
1: The project is not well configured
2: You have already visited the site before on your machine
3: it is a "local" request and you can have different results in a city compared to the "France" position which is a trend

The results displayed by Myposeo are collected with the most neutral parameters possible:

  • Search history is cleared

  • The cache is empty

  • Cookies are activated

  • Google Chrome browser

  • Always in disconnected mode from the Gmail address

  • Location "%country" > France if in France

By default, the tracking of a keyword on performs a query in "France" location. Thus, it is possible that by default the results displayed by Google during a search are located in a city close to your IP address, which may explain different results.


If the results do not seem to be suitable for the default location, you can specify a city when adding the keywords in your project to gain accuracy.

local queries

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