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Is it possible to export and share a report?

You have the possibility to export your reports in several formats:

  • CSV

  • TSV

  • Google Spreadsheet

  • PDF (Portrait or Landscape)

  • Public sharing link


Export data from my Graphs

Export dashboard data for use in a spreadsheet program or for presentation in slides or other presentations.

In your dashboard reports, when you move the mouse over a graph you will find a menu (3 vertical points) at the top right of the block:

  • Full screen: As its name suggests, this allows you to display the graph over the entire size of the browser window

  • Export to PNG: Export the graph in PNG image format

  • Export to CSV: This allows you to retrieve the raw data in CSV format and thus process these data in a spreadsheet or other format

  • Copy the image to the clipboard: Allows you to quickly copy/paste the graphic image from your dashboard to your presentation or email.

  • Copy data to clipboard: Allows you to quickly copy/paste raw data.

For the tables, you have the possibility to:

  • Copy the rendering to the clipboard: This copies the HTML of the table and thus the style and data are copied. You have the same rendering in your presentation slide


Here is an example of how to use it, very useful to copy/paste your table in Google Slide and then edit it


Can the report be accessed externally?

The myposeo interface offers you the possibility to create specific access to reports only. To do so, you must first create your user in the user management section and add him/her.

When setting up the user, you must first authorise access to the tool:


Then you can choose to allow this user read and/or write access, i.e. they can modify the report in question.


Create several sharing links in different languages

For users of the Reports module, it is possible to share your dashboard with your clients or other users via a public link (share link).

This is available from the export of your report.


From now on, you have the possibility to create a sharing link in several languages.

For example, the first share link in English and a second one in French.


Note that only the KPIs display is translated (in English).

Generate a pdf from a shared link

When sharing a report with your client via a public link, your client can now save it and download a PDF without having to connect to the interface.

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