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New block types: filters to make your dashboards more dynamic
New block types: filters to make your dashboards more dynamic
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To make your performance reports more dynamic, you can now add filters (components) capable of filtering projects, sites or any other entities.

Prerequisite to use components

We recommend that you create the filters in a section. Indeed, by default a filter will filter all the blocks of a section.


How to add a component

Simply choose "Add a component", then place it in the dedicated section.


Then choose from the pre-configured filters:

- Thematic

- Page

- Location

Then, among the filter levels (the entities and dimensions you wish to filter).

For example, for thematic filters :

- Projects

- Locations

- Endpoints

- Group levels

- Keyword levels


Or choose from simple filters (from scratch)


Then validate


Editing a filter for advanced configurations

You have the possibility to go further in the configuration of your components.


In the "Default value" part of the filter, if the "Multiple" option is selected it means that the filter is applied on several groups at the same time


In the opposite case, this means that the filter is applied to only one group at a time.


The "Blocks & Sections" part, allows you to select the sections and modules of your report that should be controlled by this component, i.e. how the filter is applied.

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