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In order to allow you to further customise your SEO reports, you now have the possibility to customise the style of your scorecards.

Here is what the default design of your scorecard looked like

Old scorecard

It was impossible to change the style of this type of graph.


And here are the customisations you can now make

New scorecards


The idea of these new options is that "anything goes", or almost anything goes: D
So we've reorganised the display options to help you find your way around, but as you can imagine, there are more things to display.

So here's this article to help you find your way around:

First of all, how are score cards made up?


Each item is displayed in slots that can be set in this way:


You can see that the site is displayed at the top with a centred alignment = "Top Centre".

When several elements are in the same location, you can define the order via drag'n'drop.

Example: in this video the evolution, D1 and D2 are all placed in the central position of the card.


Here is how to display the evolution at the bottom via drag'n'drop


All these elements are customisable.
From the block edition, by clicking on "Edit style", you can access the personalisation options for your cards:


Customise the location, the colour of the titles, the background colour of the scorecard, its padding.

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