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When conducting an SEO Audit and or Performance Tracking, there is a requirement for total data to be calculated by Type of Result.

For example: The number of PPC results at the top and bottom of the page. These can verify depending on the search query.

We have added the KPIs to distinguish paid results into the following:

  • Shopping Ads

  • Text Ads-PPC

As well as their location on the results pages.

- Text Ads-PPC

Example of a text ad at the top of the SERP:


Example of a text ad at the bottom of the SERP:


- Shopping Ads

Example of a Shopping ad at the top of the SERP:


Example of a Shopping ad on the right of the SERP:


Within our reports, this is an example of the data visualisation you are able to create. Providing an easy to understand visual to represent the number of result types and their positions within the SERPs.

Compare the above data against tracked in your project to see how many of your result types and their locations appear within the SERPs.


In relation to the keywords queried in your projects, you can also see the number for which there is at least one result of each type in the pages analysed:

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