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SEO audit: domains overview
SEO audit: domains overview
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We have added a new view in your SEO visibility audit module.

When you are in the Ranked Domains tab, you now have a "Overview" tab.

We will guide you in understanding the data in this overview.

State of the competition - Top sites detected


Competition can be measured by the presence rate of sites on the keywords audited, but especially by the visibility; captured (estimated traffic) on a monthly basis.

The above ranking presents the top 10 competitors detected during the audit. You can customise it with the sites of your choice.

Visibility by position


Analysing the presence of competition based on the distribution of positions.

The above rankings present this distribution by page of results and by position range on the 1st page.

Visibility in SERPs & Rich Snippets


Competitors are here classified according to their presence in Featured Snippet but the segmentation is done for all types of blocks. So you can identify the players according to their representation in terms of Universal Search.

The default sorting can be modified. This can change the top 10 actors.


Compare the visibility of competitors in terms of rich content and identify opportunities on types of content to work on.

In fact, Rich Snippets blocks often occupy more space in the SERP which improves the visibility of the results.

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