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SEO tracking: 2 new tabs "Keyword group" & "Page group".
SEO tracking: 2 new tabs "Keyword group" & "Page group".
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We have added 2 new tabs in the SEO performance tracking module: Keyword Groups and Page Groups.

The tab "Keyword groups" will allow you to analyse the ranking and visibility of your thematics.


Once you have synchronised your project to the Google Search Console, the "Google Search Console" view provides you with aggregated data of clicks, impressions and CTR of tagged keywords in the thematics.


The "SERP" view will allow you to analyse the structure of the SERPs by theme and thus identify the types of content to focus on.


The "Page groups" tab will allow you to analyse the ranking by page categories.


The "Google Search Console" view, allows you to analyse the performance of page categories using data from the Google Search Console.


The "Google Analytics" view allows you to analyse traffic by page categories via Google Analytics data.


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