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Report Tool: New grouping opportunities on charts
Report Tool: New grouping opportunities on charts
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Many of you are now using our new custom reporting tool.

This new format allows us to develop a number of features (especially for you ?), including graphic combinations. Thus you can refine the formatting of your visualization data in order to make your reporting more relevant.

This article presents you the new grouping possibilities on graphs:

  • Grouping by indicators

  • Same graph but with a grouping by sites


How to configure this type of graph?

Go to report editing> Select block concerned> Advanced block configuration:


Go to step 4 of the block configuration = data configuration
You have the option to reverse the grouping via the droplist below:


We hope you will enjoy these new grouping possibilities! Go and test them to get your opinion!
Soon we will propose you block models that can be realized in our report tool!

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