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What are the Universal Search results (U.S.) in J+Search?
What are the Universal Search results (U.S.) in J+Search?

Take into account results such as images, videos, maps, PAA, featured snippet... in the collection of your positions.

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Consideration of Universal Search in Myposeo

The option of taking into account the types of Universal Search (U.S.) results, allows you to include, in addition to the classic organic textual results, results of the following types: Local Pack (Address); Videos ; Images ; News ; Mobile Carousel; People Also Ask; Google Find Jobs; Featured Snippet; Recipes; Find on… in the ranking calculation.

How to Collect Universal Search Results Data in a Visibility Audit or a Perf. Tracking

When setting up your project, at the bottom of the page you have an Advanced Settings option.

All you need to do is select the Universal Search Result sections that you wish to collect data from and track.


We would recommend that you select all the Universal Search Results so you can track your visibility on them since they occupy space at the top of the page.

Tip: If you are a Cooking site, make sure you select “Recipes” and if you are a Recruitment site, don’t forget to select “Google Jobs”.

Universal Search Ranking Impact

Due to the diversity of the types of results available in the SERPs, your keywords may appear in other types of results than the classic organic textual link. It is therefore strategic to include in your position tracking, the Universal Search results in order to have the most accurate overview of your visibility.

Why be satisfied with just the organic textual position when you can know if your site is ranking in an Image block, Local Pack block, Videos block, P.A.A block, Featured Snippets blocks etc. Or simultaneously in organic textual and Universal Search.

Note that the inclusion of U.S. in the calculation of positions can have a significant impact, because each U.S. result detected in the SERP will be counted as a position.

Let's have a look at how it works, with an example:

The keyword is "air force 1"

On this query, the organic textual result ranks after an Image block. If you take into account images in your performance tracking setup, the organic textual result will rank in 17th position (image below).

Otherwise it would be 1st if you had not taken into account the U.S. images.

According to the type of project chosen in the configuration of your performance tracking, the inclusion of Universal Search results will have to be done manually (Simple, Competitive project) or will be included by default (Full project).

To find out more about universal search, go to this page.

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