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Select a search engine on which you wish to collect data
Select a search engine on which you wish to collect data

Possibility to choose a search engine among the classic ones such as "Google ; Bing", YouTube, Google videos or Google images...

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This option allows you to choose the Search Engine to track the keyword positions.

Depending on your brands online visibility you may need to enhance your content to ensure you have maximum visibility in order to improve presence on the SERP 1.
J+Search tracking provides constant updates on the visibility and the performance on the classical Google vertical engines such as, Google Maps, Google SHopping, Google Images, Youtube etc…

When creating your performance tracking, select the search engine of your choice among those proposed. Classical Google Search Engine is selected by default.

Zoom in view of the "Search engines" list:


Here is an overview of the raw data in the [Keywords > Positions] tab, in a performance tracking based on Youtube

Another example of performance tracking on the Google Shopping search engine


"Google" Search engine is set by default when you select "Search engines" at step 1,

but you have the possibility to choose another default Search engine within Account settings.

so when you add the keywords in your project, this is the engine that will be displayed by default.

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