How to choose your page depth?

Quick overview of how to use the Page depth specifications when setting up a campaign.

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Page depth can be customized when setting up a campaign in order to optimize the analysis and data relevancy.

Default Page depth

A default page depth is set up for each type of project :

  • Simple project: This mode collects to a depth of 10 pages.

  • Competitive project: This mode collects to a depth of 3 pages

  • Full project: This mode collects to a depth of 3 pages

The main difference between these modes is that Simple project collects only your project position, whereas Competitive and Full projects collects all results on all pages, resulting in more data collection for the same number of keywords (with a specific block approach for the Full project).

To learn more about project types, check the article on Project Types.

But according to the maturity of your project and the accuracy and data relevancy you want to display, it can be interesting to customize the page depth collected by the tool.

How to customize the Page Depth?

In your project set-up, Go to Data collection to customize the Number of pages to be browsed by the search engine of your campaign

And select the page depth needed for your project.

Be careful as this will impact the data displayed in your campaign.

All keywords on which you have a position after the page you selected will be considered as not positionned (NP).

How to use the Page Depth Customization

There are two options when considering your page depth customization :

  • Lowering the number of pages on which you collect the data

This will allow you to concentrate on the best position and not have your dashboards polluted by irrelevant positions. This can be done on projects with a good maturity with an already good visibility.

  • Increasing the number of pages on which you collect the data.

This will give you an increased visibility on future opportunities when you start a project. Increasing the default page depth can be done on demand.

Please contact your Customer Success Manager to set this up


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