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How to import keywords? - Overall methodology
How to import keywords? - Overall methodology

This is an overview of how to add keywords in your project. Several methods will be detailed in other articles.

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The most important thing in your SEO perf. tracking is the keywords you are going to track. So you can easily add new keywords to track when creating a new project or on a current one, Myposeo implemented several options.

If you are creating a new project, click start new project on the SEO Performance Tracking homepage.

Once you have set-up your project basics, you will be asked to do your keyword selection :

For some more tips on the first step of your project set-up, please see these other articles :

If you already have a project and want to add keywords, just click on your project in your SEO Perf, click on Add and select New keyword.

You will have the choice between four options that we are going to explore in details in bespoke articles :

  1. Free field & Group Keyword import

  2. CSV Keyword import

  3. Google sheet import

  4. Other tools

But before getting on with adding Keywords let's look at some tips/details on how this features works :

  • When you add a keyword, you will always need to specify the Search engine, the country, the language and the device (city/location is optionnal).

  • It means, if you want to track a keyword on two devices, you will need to add it twice, once for desktop and once for mobile for example.

  • You can also specify a Keyword group when adding a keyword. Without any specification, the keyword will be listed as Unclassified.

  • When importing keywords, the only consequence is the addition of keywords. No keywords will be deleted or replaced when using this feature.

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