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How to import keywords from Google sheet in the Keyword Master
How to import keywords from Google sheet in the Keyword Master
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As a Keyword Master user, you may already be familiar with the different ways of adding keywords to the module. You can add keywords manually, from a .CSV file, with a list of URLs or from the Google Search Console.

Based on the observation that many users were doing preliminary keyword research in Google Sheet, we developed a new feature to add keyword lists directly from your Google spreadsheets, allowing you to easily extend, your semantic enrichment tasks to thematic categorisation or Search Volume collection.

I am voluntarily skipping the very basic step of creating a keyword selection that you probably know and that you can find here in case of need : How to create a keyword list in the Keyword Master

Requirements :

- the Google Sheet format should follow the Myposeo tool format which can be found here: Myposeo format import. You can copy/paste the file to use it as a template or create yours respecting the orders of the columns down here:

Column A: "Adgroups" > Create groups for the keyword expressions in your campaign
Column B: "Keywords" > The following keyword expressions
Column C: "Search engine" > The search engine
Column D: "Country" > Target country
Column E: "Language" > The language
Column F : "Device" > The device (Desktop or Mobile)
Column G:(optional) "City" A particular location if the keyword have to linked to a specific city

- Google sheet Sharing settings:

In order for the module to collect the information in your Google sheet, it is absolutely necessary that the file is in public sharing. Find the Google sheet sharing settings at the end of the article

Let's go :

  • Once you have created your new selection, click on the "add keywords" button

  • The adding keywords settings open and offers different methods, click on the "Google Sheets" tab

  • Copy/paste the Url of the Google sheet from which you need to import your keywords into the field provided and click on "Import and verify the document". This step allows you to check that there are no errors in the file. Once the file has been validated, you can consult the details of the keywords ready to be imported into the module.

  • The "Custom tags" features allows you to import custom columns in addition to the default columns (be careful to respect the order of the default columns), which you may need to work on your keywords. E.g below with the addition of a "Custom tag" column at the end of the default columns.

    To have this custom data column taken into account when importing, check the "Configure and import custom tags"(1) box to open the settings. Check the column you wish to import(2). Choose "New tag"(3) from the drop-down list and then customise the name(4) of the column in the field if necessary.

All you have to do now is validate by clicking on the "add keywords" button to add your keywords in your selection.

Common mistakes

If an error occurs at the file verification step, a message & details of the file lines concerned will appear. The most frequently encountered errors are: file sharing restriction, empty line, special characters, default columns in the wrong order, addition of custom columns upsetting the order of the default columns...

Google Spreadsheet share settings

At the top right of your file, click on the 'Share' button

Select "Everyone with the link" in the sharing options and validate.

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