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How to create and manage your keyword groups?
How to create and manage your keyword groups?

Start by creating your categories and then manage them directly in the interface.

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Grouping keywords in categories or "tags" enables to get aggregated or average data for a set of request / keywords tracked in your campaign. A single keyword can be found in several categories.

SERP or performances analysis by thematic groups is a key practice to identify new trends (volume, type of results displayed, etc.), competition or opportunities to target. Keywords Groups is essential for an accurate or more global analysis of your visibility on search engines, as Google.

In the listing keywords view, you can create and organise Keyword Groups to bring them together. It is also possible to add them in bulk via a CSV import or from another tool (Keyword Master in particular).

Create and manage your Keyword Groups

Step 1: import via the default mode

This step should be taken into account when creating your project. It consists of either arranging the keywords freely in a free field (1st picture), which is the default mode, or organising them into thematic groups (2nd picture) of keywords by selecting add groups.

No classification of keywords in free field mode:

Classification of keywords by Keywords Groups:

Step 2: import via a CSV file

If you want to add or edit your Keywords Groups via a CSV file, please follow suit:

Download the CSV file in tool format... (image below)

...then add the Keywords Groups in the Adgroups column (image below).

Note that copying a keyword into another group does not result in additional consumption, as the data is the same. However, remember to check your analysis carefully when exporting your group statistics as there may be more keywords in total in your groups than unique keywords in your project.

How do I edit my Keyword Groups?

In the SEO Perf. Tracking project - Tab Keywords and Sub-tab Positions.

How to create a Keyword Group?

The Keyword group button is accessible from the Positions sub-tab.

How do I manage my Keyword Groups?

Access to the group management popup is via the Keyword groups (all) button.

Edit my Keyword Groups:

Once you have clicked on "Groups", go to the group management wheel.

How to Segment Keywords?

The Performance Tracking tool gives you the option to segregate your keywords into groups.

Once all the keywords have been added to your project, you can segment them into groups. You need to click Add and then select Keyword Group. You can then add a keyword Group and move all keywords of your choice into it.

Select the keywords you wish to add into the group, and at the bottom of the page select Select an action and then Move to group and select the Destination Group you’d like to move them into from the drop down list.

How to visualise your data?

In the SEO Perf. Tracking project - Tab Keyword groups and Sub-tab Keyword groups.

This view lists the Keywords Groups of your project and allows you to have pre-calculated metrics on your targets:

  • Tracked Keywords on each Keyword Groups;

  • Search volume and the Ranked volume by Keyword Groups;

  • WAR and Global WAR;

  • Presence rate;

  • Estimated traffic;

  • Etc.

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