How to set & manage competitors?

In addition to tracking your own performances, Myposeo allows you to track your competitors websites, domains, sub-domains and pages

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There are many factors that can impact your ranking performance and visibility, internal and external. And sometimes, despite your greatest efforts to optimize your website, your performance are not up to your expectations.

May be it's because your competitors have done the same amount of efforts or more all along. That's why it's so important to track them and analyze their performances. Let's find out how Myposeo allows you to do so.

Once you have set-up your project, there are 2 ways of adding competitors

  1. Add competitors with the Add button.

Select the Add button next to the settings

A list of features will appear and you will be able to select New competitor.

Just like when setting up a campaign, you will be able to select a competitor :

2. Add & manage the competitors in your campaign advanced settings

Once you have selected your campaign, click "Edit project" and scroll to the Advanced settings part.

  • Select Add a competitor :

This will work the same way as the Add button feature

  • Select Set-up competitor site :

This will allow you to edit a competitor

This will allow you to edit the competitors settings (site, protocol, type of URL) and delete them if needed.

3. Finding new competitors

Sometimes your usual and natural competitors are not the only ones competing with you on your keywords. It can be useful to find them and Myposeo can help you with that.

In your campaign, select the Market overview thumbnail

The tool will then display your competitors ranked based on the number of ranked keyword with other indicators such as :

Similar rate

Average position

Presence Rate

To add this competitor, just click the Target in front of their website URL :

And set-up your competitor protocol and type of URL :


Adding competitors to your tracking campaign will have an impact on your keyword consumption.

Looking for an additional competitor ranking on a keyword means finding an URL on a specific keyword and storing it just like we are doing with your own website.

For example : adding 3 competitors, mean doing the data collection 4 times (1 time for you and 3 times for your competitors). Therefore, it will count as 4 keywords.

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