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How to import keywords? - Manually or/and with Keyword Groups
How to import keywords? - Manually or/and with Keyword Groups

Import keywords through the Free field and/or by the keyword groups import

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This article explores the import of keywords through the first two options available during the campaign creation and the campaign edit.

To discover all the options available to add keywords and how to get to this stage please visit the Keyword import - Global methodology article.

Once you get to the keyword selection step in your campaign set-up you can add keywords through :

1 Free field

Through this first option, you can simply write down your keyword separating them with a ";" (semi-colon), "," (comma), or a line break.

If you select "Targeting urls". You will be able to match a specific URL for each Keyword :

2. Group

This option will work the same way, but you will be able to define a keyword group for the keywords you are adding.

You will be able to change your keyword groups in the future. This article will explain you how : Keyword group Set & Manage

Once you have defined the desktop, search engine and language you want to track your key words on, you can then click Add Keywords and all keywords will be added to your project.

Remember that when adding keywords you will always need to define the Search Engine, country, language and device (city/location is optionnal)

Bonus. Keyword suggestions via Google Search Console

This option is available for users with My poseo Pro and Agency accounts who have synchronized the SEO tracking projects with the Google Search Console.

Myposeo will directly identify within the GSC new keywords and suggest them directly in the tool :


You can sort by clicks and/or impression to find the most relevant keywords and add them to your project.

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