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Import keywords through a Google Sheet

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This article explores the import of keywords through a Google sheet available during the campaign creation and the campaign edit.

To discover all the options available to add keywords and how to get to this stage please visit the Keyword import - Global methodology article.

Once you get to the keyword selection step in your campaign set-up you can add keywords through :

Import from Google sheet

First of all, build your Google spreadsheet respecting the Myposeo keyword import format :

Column A: "Adgroups - DO NOT DELETE THE FIRST LINE" --> Create groups for the keyword expressions in your campaign
Column B: "Keywords - DO NOT DELETE THE FIRST LINE" --> The keyword expressions
Column C: "Search engine (Google, Bing) - DO NOT DELETE THE FIRST LINE" --> The search engine
Column D: "Country - DO NOT DELETE THE FIRST LINE" --> Target country
Column E: "Language - DO NOT DELETE THE FIRST LINE" --> The language
Column F: "Device - DO NOT DELETE THE FIRST LINE" --> The device (Desktop, Mobile or Tablet)
Column G: "City - DO NOT DELETE THE FIRST LINE" --> A particular location (optionnal)

Don't modify the column order.

If you are having trouble reproducing this column organization, you can also download the csv file in the CSV import thumbnail and copy paste it in your Gsheet document.

Once you are done, copy paste the link of your Gsheet and click Import and Verify the document.

Please note that your Google sheet document must be shared in public.

Myposeo will check all the lines are valid and you can then confirm the import.

The new keywords will appear in your campaign.

Please note that the keyword list will not be updated automatically when you change your google spreadsheet. If you want to add some keywords, you will have to repeat the operation.

When importing keywords, the only consequence is the addition of keywords. No keywords will be deleted or replaced when using this feature.

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