How to import keywords?- J+Search Tools

Import keywords from other Myposeo tools like the Perf. Tracking, Visibility Audit, Keyword Master...

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This article explores the import of keywords from other Myposeo tools available during the campaign creation and the campaign edit.

To discover all the options available to add keywords and how to get to this stage please visit the Keyword import - Global methodology article.

Once you get to the keyword selection step in your campaign set-up you can add keywords through :

Other Myposeo tools

The last option available when adding keywords to a new or existing campaign is to import from other Myposeo tools into your project :

  • SEO Audit

  • PPC Audit

  • SEO tracking

  • PPC tracking

  • Keyword Master

Just click Select a tool and choose the relevant tool in which you can find your keywords.

Once you have selected the tool, you can click on Choose a project, and the specific project you want to select your keywords from.

When doing this operation on an existing campaign, the number of keywords you will be adding will be displayed on the Add button.

This is not a dynamic import. If you modify the project keyword list you have imported from (on any tool) the keyword list on your new project will not be updated automatically.

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