Agregate locations (dep, land, country)

With SERP evolution, emulation of local requests can be key to analyze your visibility according to your territory.

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Local visibility is becoming key as Google is displaying more and more local results within the main SERP. As a result, the rankings change a lot for the same keyword according to your localization.

In order to answer this need for localization, Myposeo has developed a localization feature which let you choose the city and/or country your request is emulated from.

Here is how you can set-up the localization of your Keywords in the SEO tracking tool.

When you set up your campaign, in the Keywords step, you can select the language and country :

A list of country and associated language is available. Two countries can have the same language (ie US and UK) and a country can have different languages (ie Canada).

Once you are done with the country selection you can go further by selecting the city you want to be localized in. Just type the first letters of the city you want to target and select the city.

If you want to follow several locations for your keyword list, you can directly add multiple Search engine localization before validating your Keyword list. Just click

"+ Add search engine" and add all the location needed in your campaign.

Your tracking campaign is no now set up for all these locations. In order to have a quick overview of your positions according to the location, you will find a specific display in your tracking : Select Keywords > Location and enjoy the view :

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