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What are the different types of positions in a Full Project?
What are the different types of positions in a Full Project?

Overview of the 3 type of positions: Absolute Position, Block Position and Type Position

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The kind of positions you choose when creating your campaign allows you to track search engine positions with different approaches in terms of slicing, block count and depth of results pages.

According to industries, previous tools used or even internal processes, you may decide to count positions differently in search engines. Should images, videos and other types of results be taken into account? Should Ads be considered as positioned ads? Is it more relevant to count blocks or all visible clickable links as positions?

All these answers are possible thanks to this feature. This flexibility also allows you to customise your reports according to your audience, whether internal or external and according to their level of maturity in understanding the indicators.


Here, we will focus on the Full Project and on his different types of positions.

The full tracking is the same as the competitive project but in addition, you will get data on your position block, your position type (position within the results type) and also the possibility to include your Google Adwords & Google Shopping positions.

Before going further into the definitions by type of position, let's have a look on how the data is collected.

Here is an example of how Myposeo collects the 3 types of positions (metrics) in the SERP:

This is how the data is collected. Let's see how this is displayed in the SEO Perf. Tracking tool.

Best keyword position for the 3 types of positions (Blocks-Types-Positions) for the selected result type (here the best organic textual results).

Multi-positioning of a query in the different results of the SERP (organic text - ads text - U.S.). In this view, Nike website ranks 1 time in Ads text, 5 times in Organic text and 18 times in Images block.

For more details, click on the eyeball.

The Full tracking project allows you to calculate 3 types of positions (Blocks-Types-Positions) in all Google search results, whether they are Organic, Universal Search (Images, P.A.A, Featured Snippets, Videos …) or Paid (Ads text and Shopping).

Here are the definitions for the 3 metrics "Positions" collected in a Full tracking and a SERP screenshot to illustrate the positions calculations


It is the "real position" as you know it in a simple or competitive project. it's the calculation of the ranking of all visible clickable links as positions.

How is calculated the ranking in a Simple project?

How is calculated the ranking in a Competitive project?


This is the measurement of the ranking position of the particular SERP or Google blocks. The following elements are considered as SERP’s results blocks and will be included in the calculation of rankings:

  • Featured Snippet results

  • Organic results

  • P.A.A block (People Also Ask)

  • News block

  • Videos block

  • Images block

  • Recipes block

  • Google ‘Find Results On’ block


  • Paid results

  • Shopping carousel

How is calculated the ranking in a Full project?


It is the measurement of the Ranking only for one type of result.

The following is an example of the calculation of position Type in an Images Block. You will get the position on the total of the results contained in the block.


Now that we have presented the 3 types of projects, here is a summary detailing the data collected and specificities of each type of project available for the SEO Perf. Tracking.

To calculate and determine your site’s ranking on the SERP, Myposeo collects data from the results pages and includes (if selected) SERP features, blocks, other domains and much more to ensure you get an accurate metric for your ranking.

As you can see, we have different type of data collection. The type selected will either include certain SERP features or will not, which will affect the calculation of your ranking. It is imperative that you choose wisely so as to not affect the result and consequent calculation of your ranking.

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