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How to tag brand keywords in the Keyword Master Module
How to tag brand keywords in the Keyword Master Module
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In this article you learn :

How to tag Brand Keywords?

  • Once you have created your keyword selection, click on settings then brand settings or click directly in the tab column "Brand/Non-brand).

A window opens and displays by default 3 categories:

  • Non- brand: default category that groups all the keywords without tagging rules

  • Brands: this is the category in which you can manage your Brand keywords.
    E.g: "Nike".

  • Relative brands: This is the category in which you can manage your associated brand keywords :
    E.g: "Jordan, Air Max, Blazer, Air Force One, etc..." are queries directly related to the"Nike" brand and may be considered as more than simple generic keywords.

  1. Click on the category [Brands] to display the settings.

  2. it is in the [Segmentation rules] field that you must fill in the matching rules that will allow you to group the keywords. You can use simple keywords or use Regular Expressions to do so. Please, click on "how to use RegExp correctly" to get an example of the basics regex in case of need.

  3. Click on [matching] to apply the rules you have just entered.

  4. Here are all the keywords that meet the rules. You will notice that the overview of the categorisation is updated as well as the keyword counter next to the category [Brands].

  • Same process if you need to tag Related brands. Click on [Related brands] to display category settings, fill in the segmentation rules. Please don't forget to click on [Save and apply] to save your settings...

... and validate by clicking on [Confirm change]

  • The Keywords list instantly updates and display the corresponding tag on the [brand / Non-Brand] column for each query concerned.

How to create Brand/non-Brand charts in the Myposeo Report module ?

Now that you have tagged your keywords in the Keyword Master module, you can create DataViz in our reporting module using the brand new [Brand] dimension.

This [Brand] dimension allows you to breakdown data (Search Volumes, Number of keywords..) into 3 categories: brand, non-brand and relative, ideal to visualise the potential of your branded keywords across all your keywords or by categories and sub-categories if you have previously categorised your keywords.

Data block settings in your report

Search volumes treemap by branded keywords

Search Volumes treemap filtered by a category in case you need to compare branded/non- branded keywords potential by thematics for example.

Coming soon

We are in the process of developing a new feature that will Keep your Brand/non-brand/related brand tags when launching a Visibility Audit or a Perf. tracking. It will be a great opportunity to monitor those tags in terms of performance and visibility.

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