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How to manage the keywords in the Keyword Master's "Waiting List"?
How to manage the keywords in the Keyword Master's "Waiting List"?
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This modal allows you to select keywords, from a large list, that you wish to include in your final corpus.

Depending on the method chosen to import your keywords, it is highly likely that many of them will not interest you; keywords with too low search volumes, stop words, etc.

In order not to include them all in your final corpus, Myposeo provides a Waiting List. This feature will allow you to sort through the list of keywords present in this modal. To help you make your choice, default indicators (intention, search volume, CPC, etc.) will be proposed. This will allow you to select the best keywords for your final list.

When creating a selection in the Keyword Master, import your keywords and then populate them. Following this action, a modal, named Waiting List, will appear to allow you to sort your keywords and add them to your final corpus.

Add your keywords and enrich them with suggestions

When you build your corpus, you may want to import new keywords but also enrich them thanks to the suggestions collection (Google suggestions, related searches, Myposeo suggestions). This feature will allow the tool to automatically collect suggestions based on a classic Google search for each keyword listed (screenshots).

Step 1: Add your main keywords

Step 2: Collect suggestions to enrich this list (of 4 keywords) with related keywords

Step 3: Before importing your keywords, collect search volumes (if needed)

Access the Waiting List to select the keywords you are looking for

Step 1: Click on the Waiting List modal

Step 2: Jump to the default Waiting List view

As you can see, above, 39 keywords are waiting to be approved and redirected to the main corpus.

It is also possible to create filters to better select your keywords.

For instance, keep all keywords with a minimum search volume of 1000.

Step 3: Adding keywords directly to your main list or Removing keywords that do not interest you

Step 4: Change the categorisation of keywords before adding them?

  • Either by adding them without being categorised:

  • Either by assigning them to an existing category or by creating a new categorie:

Once the keywords have been added to your corpus, the "Waiting List" is updated.

For example, it goes from 39 keywords to 31 keywords.

The 8 keywords selected above are added to the main view:

Find a history of your "Waiting List" so you don't lose any trace of the keywords you previously searched for

On the left sidebar, you can find all your "Waiting List" classified by creation date (cf screenshot).

Now, if you want to know how to tag Brand keywords in Keyword Master, then find out via this article.

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