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J+Search Highlights & Updates - 2021
J+Search Highlights & Updates - 2021

Best of New Features 2021

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  • [PLATFORM] - New Design of the table view on every application

  • [KEYWORD MASTER] - New design on the keywords list

  • [KEYWORD MASTER] - New sidebar for categories

Keyword Master 👑

  • CTR analysis - Helping categorise keywords with CTR data

    • Collect GSC aggregated data linked to keywords of your selection

    • Overview of the GSC data broken by CTR range

    • Filtrable by categories & brand dimension

  • Brand tag management - Tag your Brand keywords to compare Search volumes Potential or/and CTR from the GSC

    • a new modale to tag your Brand keywords...

    • ... and also your related brand keywords

Tracking / Audit 🚀

  • Rank tracking project sync with Yext/Partoo - [On quotation*]
    To cross data with your local store 🔥🔥

    • New Dimension (calculated for every metric)

      • Dimension channel type = PPC or SEO

      • Update in report to allow new combinations

    • New metrics :

      • Average physical position

      • Coverage rate above the fold

      • Search Volume by Type of results

      • No. Of results by type ranked for the tracked site

  • URL Overview - Provide in one click relevant statistics on url entity & on the keywords ranked on the URL

Report 📈

  • Create a report from a tab view

  • Block builder - New options to customise your charts

  • Components improvements - Give to users the ability to go deeper in the presentation of the data

    • Add pre-configured components in a report

    • Ability to target the filter by block, by section or by tab

Google Data Studio Connector - Improvements

Provide to users the ability to shape the data in GDS with same settings as in Myposeo report system :

  • Adding new entity in the connector :

    • Pages

    • Pages tags

    • Detailed Keywords

    • Metrics from multi-ranking Source

    • Competitors entity filtered by groups of keywords

  • Adding New dimension in the connector

    • Type of results

    • Positions type

Here is the link to our Google Data Studio template.

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