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Keyword Master : Import keywords and generate suggestions using the "List" method
Keyword Master : Import keywords and generate suggestions using the "List" method
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  • Once you have created your selection, click on "Add Keywords"

  • STEP 1: Copy and paste your list of Keywords

    Add your main keywords and choose the language

  • STEP 2: Target Category

    In case you want to directly classify your keywords + potentially related suggestions, you can now choose a category or create a new one in which the generated expressions will be automatically classified at the end of the process.

  • STEP 3: Collecting suggestions

    Select the sources from which you want to get suggestions for your keywords. This will automatically collect suggestions for each keyword listed in STEP 1.

  • Note: Be careful to take into account the number of suggestions that are generated in the counter at the bottom of the page. The more sources you select, the greater the number of suggestions will be.

    For instance, considering all the suggestions sources checked on the screenshot above, the tool will collect 4,374 suggestions based on the 6 keywords in Step 1. We advise you not to collect too many suggestions at once in order to facilitate sorting and selecting valuable keywords in the following stages.

  • STEP 4 : Collect Keywords Search Volume

    This option allows you to collect search volumes for your keywords and suggestions. Having search volumes for these keywords will allow you to target important keywords and get Volumes Trends for your Keywords corpus and keywords groups data in case you categorise your keywords list.

    Note : the collection of Search Volume leads to the consumption of credits.
    1 keyword Search volume collected = 1 credit consumed
    10 keywords search volumes collected = 10 credits consumed.

  • STEP 5: Add Keywords from the waiting list to your selection

Finally, click on "import", It will launch automatically :

- the keywords suggestions collection

- the Search Volumes collection

and redirect you to the main page "keywords" of the tool. The original keywords from STEP 1 are directly displayed in the tab, the related suggestions are available in the "Waiting list' ready to be sorted and categorised.

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