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Once you have created a list of keywords, you might want to organise them.

Myposeo allows you to create multi-level categorisation within your list of keywords, making data visualisation easier, and more relevant.

The first thing you need to do is categorise your keywords.

You can click on the “Add categories” to do that.

Then, you will be able to create your categories by hand, or using the automatic categorisation feature of the tool.

You can also select the parent category. When this is over, simply click on “Add” to create your new category or sub-category.

Your new categories will appear in the column on the left of the table.

If you want to create sub level categories, you can simply drag and drop the category of your choice, on the parent category.

You can also click on the “...” next to the category, then click on “move category”.

Once your subcategories are created and ordered, you will see the hierarchisation in the left column :


Some keyword master are listing a lot of keywords.

Categorisation allows you to have a better view of the potential of some subjects, or to see if it is worth the time to work on some topics.

It will also help you in the statistics section to view the impact of each group and the seasonality.

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