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Embracing the Organic Transformation: The Evolution of Featured Snippets as Organic results
Embracing the Organic Transformation: The Evolution of Featured Snippets as Organic results

Featured Snippets have transitioned from being categorised as Universal Search results to being redefined as Rich Snippets.

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1️⃣ What it does?

We are implementing system updates that designate the Featured Snippet as the primary organic result on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), now recognised as an Organic result with a Rich Snippet "Featured snippet", aligning with the changing landscape of SERP and the evolving practices of SEO experts.

2️⃣ Why we decided to develop it?

In response to the evolving dynamics of SERPs and the evolving perspectives of SEO experts, we made the decision to develop our system in order to accurately categorise the 'Featured Snippet' SERP feature and provide you with the most precise and relevant data for your analysis.

3️⃣ How it works?

This upcoming update will encompass multiple modifications, including updates to our Parser, adjustments to the project creation/editing Wizard, and refinements to metrics and calculations within the audit and tracking processes.

💡What are the biggest changes?

As evident, Featured Snippets have evolved into Rich Snippets Featured and become an integral part of the Organic results. Rich Snippets Featured will now be consistently distinguished by a yellow icon (as seen in the picture), while the blue icon will remain reserved for Universal Search results.

To isolate keywords associated with Rich Snippets Featured, you can utilize the filter functionality and follow the selection process illustrated in the provided picture:

Lastly, within the SERP view, you will find the count of detected Featured Snippets per keyword displayed (refer to the provided picture).

📚 What you should know?

When will the changes take effect?

Data retroactivity will not be implemented. The changes take effect immediately.

What should I do if I have no changes in my project?

In the upcoming weeks, it is likely that we will continue to observe two types of results. This will primarily apply to weekly and monthly projects since we have to wait for the next data collection.

What is the status of my U.S Featured Snippets metrics?

The previous U.S Featured Snippets metrics will be removed, but the R.S equivalent will be incorporated into the tools. It is important to note that if you have generated reports using the old metrics, you will need to replace them with the new ones to ensure the accuracy of your reports and prevent any discrepancies.

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